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Why Should UV Printer Be Equipped with Many Nozzles

Customers who have bought UV printers should encounter this problem. How many nozzles do UV printers need? Many people may ask why a machine should be equipped with multiple nozzles? Next, let me to explain to everybody!

The number of UV printer nozzles is mainly determined by the following four factors: color requirements, manufacturer's technical level, process requirements and nozzles' characteristics.

1. Color requirements

Generally according to the requirements of printing, in addition to the standard four-color printing, there are six colors, eight colors, nine colors and the higher ten one color printing. Because in the face of so many color choices, a nozzle cannot meet all needs, so it is set as a different corresponding nozzle.

2. Technical level of the manufacturer

This has a great influence. Some manufacturers can make six color equipment, some can make eight color equipment, and some can make nine color equipment. When choosing UV printer, we must know the situation in advance to avoid buying four-color UV printer in the early stage, and there is no way to upgrade in the later stage.

3. Process requirements

This is based on whether the printing pattern needs relief, gloss effect and other requirements. If relief needs to be printed, the operator will use a nozzle to print white ink. If gloss needs to be printed, an additional nozzle is needed. If you need a faster printing mode, such as double four-color, double six-color, you need to add an additional nozzle to mix the colors.

4. Characteristics of nozzle

For machines, different nozzles have different properties. Some nozzles can produce eight colors at a time, and some can only produce one. According to the standard requirements of 4 colors, one UV printer for Epson nozzle is enough, four for Seiko gs508 nozzle and two for Ricoh 5 nozzle.

All of the above four factors directly affect the number of UV printer nozzles. Of course, in the specific selection, the equipment must meet its own capital budget, material printing speed, printing quality requirements, as well as the corresponding cost of consumables, after-sales maintenance costs and other factors. The reputation of UV printer enterprises is also very important. It is easier to choose the right UV printer by understanding and comparing.

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