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Why is the Uv Printer Coated but Still Discolored?

Because of the properties of UV ink itself and many printing materials, in order to increase the fixity of the object during printing, the surface of the printed material is usually coated. But why does it sometimes lose color when it is coated? Today, let's learn the reasons for this.

1. Different materials
Different coatings are made of different materials. For example, the glass coating will not fade when it is used to print on glass, and it will fade when it is used on metal. Therefore, when using coatings, it is necessary to determine whether they are genuine special coatings.

2. UV Ink Incompatibility
Normally, according to the special ink provided by the manufacturer strictly, there will be no problem in using the treatment coating, polish and other steps. Some friends think that the price of ink manufactured by the manufacturer is too high, so they choose other cheaper ink instead. In fact, such a random replacement of ink nozzle on the machine is very harmful. The ink chosen by the manufacturer of the machine after strict inspection is the most suitable for the printer. Because if the ink quality is not good, the printed products are not good.

3. Coating treatment
Before printing ceramic tile, glass, acrylic and other materials, the UV printer should wipe a layer of coating. UV ink adhesion of this kind of material, is not strong, so it needs to do coating treatment. When printed out after treatment, the color will still fade, which means that the quality of the coating is not good, and a new coating needs to be replaced.
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