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What's the Difference Between a UV Printer and a Jet Printer?

In the printing industry, there are many types of printing equipment. Today, we want to share with you two kinds of printing equipment - UV printer and jet printer. Both are printer series products, so what's the difference between them?

1.The range of materials printed by them is different.
UV printer, also known as universal printer, means that it can basically print all plane materials, it can also print relief effect. The printer often prints some soft materials.

2. The curing methods of the two are different.
The UV printer uses UV light curing technology, that is, it can be dry as it finish printing, while the spray printer uses natural drying.

3. They use different ink.
UV printers use UV ink; spray printers use solvent ink.

4. The visual effects of the two prints are different.
The UV printer prints out pictures with strong texture, brilliant color, high image accuracy, scratch resistance and stable color fastness. Spray printer can not achieve such printing effect.
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