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What Should You Pay Attention to When Working With Digital Glass Printing Machines?

Only good equipment will have a good market, the more intense the competition, the quality is the hard truth of development, to introduce the following points to pay attention to the operation of the digital glass printing machine to ensure that the printed glass is perfect.

1. Controlling the ink is the basis for ensuring the effect of glass screen printing.
It is recommended that you choose a cost-effective ink when purchasing ink. You know that the quality of the ink has a decisive influence on the effect of the glass screen printing. The ink should not be too dry when printing. The proportion of the ink is matching in accordance with the description of digital glass printing machine of manufacturer.

2, Controlling of screen printing and printing rate
As for the speed of screen printing, we recommended uniform speed. The digital glass printing machine can set the speed parameter value in advance. For the semi-automatic digital glass printing machine, it is recommended to check it frequently to avoid mistakes.

3. When printing on digital glass printing machine, it is necessary to maintain a clean and hygienic environment and avoid the influence of magazines and pollutants on the printing effect.
If there is water, or if it is dirty, it will cause the ink to not be applied, which will affect the printing. Therefore, before printing the article, it is necessary to clean the printed parts. The operation of the digital glass printing machine requires a special operator. The use of the operating equipment requires training. After the training is passed, the mechanical equipment can be operated. The operator should know all the precautions and mechanical failures in case of failure. It can stop in time to ensure that mechanical equipment is damaged.

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