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What Materials Can't Be Printed by UV Printer?

Plate making is not needed in UV printer. After typing, it can dry up immediately. It can print not only the usual effects, but also the 3D and relief effects. The printing materials are: as small as packing boxes, cosmetics boxes, U-discs, as small as glass, ceramic tiles, wood boards, metals and so on. So it is also called universal printer.

However, it is this element that makes some friends who have just touched it believe it's omnipotent, and can print everything potentially. The universal printer is exaggerated by us. The universal printer here is for printing materials. Compared with the traditional printing equipment, it is suitable for printing materials with richer variety and quantity, faster printing speed and higher precision, simpler operation process, labor and lower cost. So which materials can't be printed by UV printer in the end?

To sum up, what materials can't be printed by UV printer? It is expected to be careful in future operation to prevent damage to the printer.

1. Flatbed UV printing machine can't print if the radian of arc material is too large.
In the work, assuming that the difference between the height of the printed items is more than 1 cm, the universal UV printer can not complete the printing of the full format. The main factor is that the ink spray interval is too large, which easily constitutes the phenomenon of unclear image and scattered ink.

2. Flatbed UV printing machine can't print material with strong surface reflectivity
When the flatbed UV printing machine is printing, after the ink is sprayed, the ink is monotonously illuminated by UV lamp, that is to say, it can be dried as soon as it is finished. Assuming that the reflectivity of the material surface is very strong, when the UV lamp shines on the material surface, light reflection will occur. Ultraviolet rays reflect on the sprinkler head, which makes the ink monotonous before it sprays on the surface of the object. The surface of the object can not be imaged, and the ink that has not been sprayed in the head condenses, forming a blockage of the nozzle, and then the nozzle is discarded.

3. Flatbed UV printing machine can not print it when post-printing technology involves ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, strong acid and strong alkali.
Flatbed UV printing machine ink has high temperature resistance between 150 and 270 degrees. If it exceeds this temperature, the ink will not be able to adhere to the surface of the object, which will cause the image to fall and deform. In addition, strong acid and alkali will also reduce the adhesion of ink, and then fall from the surface of the article.
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