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What Do UV Printers Need to Pay Attention to When Adding Ink

When UV ink is used up, the operator will add ink for it, but don't operate carelessly because of such a simple operation, because if the ink is added improperly, not only the ink will be damaged, but also the machine will be damaged, so the operator must follow the steps when adding ink, especially pay attention to the following details!

Note 1: the ink indicator light is always on, which means that the ink cartridge may not be installed correctly. This requires the operator to remove the ink cartridge according to the above steps and then insert it again.
Note 2: if the ink cartridge is inserted in the wrong slot, NO INK CARTRIDGE will appear on the LCD screen, and it should be reinstalled immediately.
Note 3: if 220 mL ink cartridge is installed at one time, do not close the cover of the ink cartridge hatch after installation.
Note 4: even if only one ink cartridge is empty, the UV flat printer can't print, so once the empty ink cartridge is found, a new ink cartridge should be added.

It is necessary to remind UV printer users to use the ink provided by the original factory when the ink is used out, because the ink in the factory has been prepared and tested, which is not easy to cause damage to the machine, especially the nozzle.

In addition, the following points should be paid attention to when storing UV ink!
1. Be sure to keep ink cartridges out of the reach of children and do not drink ink.
2. The ink cartridge bought should be put in a cool and dark place.
3. If the ink accidentally touches the skin when adding it, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. In case of eye contact, please wash it with water immediately. If you still feel uncomfortable after cleaning, please go to the hospital to check.
4. In order to achieve better results and avoid blocking the nozzle, please use up the ink within 3 months after starting the machine for the first time. When the indicator light of the printer flashes, it indicates that the ink volume is low, and the cartridge should be ready for replacement.

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