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What Color Printing Problems Are Solved by Uv Printer

Flatbed UV printing machine has been developing in the market for more than ten years. Many people should have heard of it or seen it. Flatbed UV printing machine sprays color onto material through voltage inkjet technology to form a pattern. This is the first time you have heard about it. Have you learned new knowledge? Flatbed UV printing machine has broken through the bottleneck of traditional digital printing technology, and its technical content is quite high. Therefore, it has made a lot of contributions to the printing industry and solved many problems for the color printing industry. Here is a detailed description of color printing problems solved by the flatbed UV printing machine.

1. Process simplification and cost reduction
Traditional screen printing, transfer printing and other printing processes are complex. Film, screen, plate making and so on are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Flatbed UV printing machine can be started by computer only if the material is placed on the desktop of the equipment. It also realizes a printing process, which is easy to operate and only needs one person to control. The cost of printing can be reduced to 4 yuan.

2. Wider application
Traditional printing can only print paper, cloth and other soft materials. All materials can be printed by flatbed UV printing machine whether it is soft or hard.

3. Better results
Traditional printing often requires repeated color matching to finish, which can easily affect the effect of offset. Flatbed UV printing is formed at one time, and all the colors are printed at one time, which makes the color perfect.
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