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Ways to Keep the Pattern of UV Printing on Aluminum from Fading

Uv printers can meet the high-quality and high-demand printing needs of metal, glass, leather, ceramics, wood, fabric, PVC, acrylic, advertising materials and many other industries. When printing a pattern with a uv printing on aluminum, the customer may be concerned about the problem of fading, and it is not known how long the pattern can last. So how can we keep the pattern printed by uv printing on aluminum for a long time without fading?

We know that the main factors that cause the print pattern to fade are air, light and heat, because there is oxygen in the air, and the ink will oxidize, which has a great influence on the color of the pattern. There are many reasons for the fading of the printed pattern. The first and most influential one is the printed material. If the printed material is soft, the gap between the particles will be large, and the surface in contact with air is very large, then it will easily fade. If it is a smooth and hard material, it will not fade easily under normal conditions, but it will fade if it is exposed to the sun.

The best way to maintain the durability of the pattern of uv printing on aluminum is to use the appropriate ink and post-protection after printing. However, the uv ink printer will fade if exposed to ultraviolet light and ordinary incandescent lamps. Therefore, if you want to keep the pattern of uv printing on aluminum for a long time without fading, you must do the following two things:

1. Use a good sealing ink, which is the basic condition to ensure that the pattern does not fade for a long time. Do not choose inks with a long shelf life, because it has large particles and is not easily oxidized inside, which will damage the universal printer.

2. Place the printed pattern in a cool, non-glare area to ensure that the pattern is not exposed to strong light. When used outdoors, it can be guaranteed to not fade for 5 years, but it is not guaranteed to be permanently faded. After all, it is blown by the wind outside.

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