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Surface Post-processing Technology of UV Printer

UV printer surface post-treatment process function:

It is a post-processing process for the surface of printing materials such as film, special ink, varnish, foil, etc. The process can increase gloss or partly change texture, increase luxury and so on. In addition, functions such as durability and waterproof can be added.

Types of Surface Treatment Processes
1. Laminate (PP, PET)
After printing, adding PP film on the surface of material can give people a smooth feeling and improve its durability. This process is widely used in book covers and magazines.

2. Press the coat
The thermosetting resin is applied to the printed surface and attached to the material surface by applying heat and pressure. It can give a smooth feeling, but its durability is lower than that of laminates.

3. Varnish
This is a process of varnishing the top of printing ink. Because it can be processed on the same production line as printing ink, it can reduce costs, shorten delivery time, and also can be processed on the spot. Gloss and durability are not as good as laminates and coatings, but they can be processed without damaging the material's texture.

4. Stamping of Aluminum Foil
It shows metallic luster by adding "foil" and adhesives to the material and pressurizing the plate while heating it to the foil.

5. Embossment
In addition to printing relief (plane), the UV printer can also use embossing and drum to change the physical characteristics of the material itself and make it have uneven lines.
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