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Solution to Abnormal Water Tank of UV Printer

The water tank of UV printer is a core component of water-cooled cooling system. If the water tank is abnormal, there will always be alarm sounds and indicator lights on. Please solve this problem as soon as possible so as not to affect the normal printing of the machine.

I. Power supply damage
Processing method: If the power supply is damaged, please contact the UV printer manufacturer and replace a new one.

II. Loosening of Power Supply Joints
Processing method: Tighten the power connector of the water tank again.

III. Liquid freezing
Processing method: Add new antifreeze, especially when the temperature is low in winter, the surrounding environment of UV printer should be warmed up. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you install air conditioning device.

IV. Low Flow and Sensor Failure
Processing method: Increase the flow of water tank to make it within the normal range. If the sensor fails, please contact the manufacturer for a new one.
V. Low liquid level
Please open the lid of the tank and add new distilled water and refrigerant to it.
VI. Temperature Excess
If the temperature of the water tank exceeds the set on-line, the alarm will easily occur. Please lower the operating power or stop first.

When you use the UV printer, you can contact us if you encounter any other problems.
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