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Reasons for Light Colors of UV Printers

1. Ink content in printing settings is too low
Usually in the image control software of flatbed UV printing machine, there will be 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% different ink output control. If operators are inexperienced, they will print 100% of the original ink with 80% of the ink, which will result in a relatively light output image. The solution is to increase the ink.

2. Printed PASS is too low
Different PASS prints out different patterns with different color and precision. Usually, on some objects with smaller material, high pass is used to print, which can make the pattern clear and rich in color. If it is large-scale printing, low PASS can be used to print. This requires technicians to print PASS settings for different materials according to practical experience.

3. The Effect of Material Quality
The transparency, glossiness and smoothness of the printing material itself will affect the final printing results. It causes the output image to be lighter or deeper. In addition to the visual errors of the naked eye, some materials can adsorb ink and some materials can dissolve ink. For example, when printing patterns on conventional fabrics, a flat-panel printer only needs 60% ink. A little more will result in a deeper image.
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