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Reasons and Solutions of Duplication of Printing Patterns in UV Printers

In the long-term use of flatbed UV printing machine, sometimes small fonts will appear blurred ghosting, or the image is not clear. As an old UV printer manufacturer, for the above situation, Kunshan Kingsway Digital Technology Co., Ltd. sums up three reasons for your reference!

1. The grating bar and the grating decoder are faulty or covered with dust.
2. X-axis guideway slides not smoothly and friction increases.
3. The traveling parameters of x-axis and y-axis are wrong.

So, when the above situation arises, what can be done to solve these problems? The answer, of course, is:

1. Dip the nonwovens with alcohol, wipe the grating band at the head position and wipe it back and forth until it is completely clean. If necessary, the encoder sensor should also be cleaned properly once. Check whether the moving parts of the ink cart are smooth and add lubricating grease as appropriate. If there is no grease, it can be replaced by car oil to ensure the normal and smooth mechanical movement.

2. Use the original factory-certified ink. There are many inexpensive inks on the market, but their fusion and purity are poor. After printing, there will be uneven ink spots, and the phenomenon of block is most obvious. If the above method has not been significantly improved after operation, it is necessary to consider whether the sprinkler is blocked or not, and the sprinkler can be checked and excluded to determine whether the sprinkler is blocked or not.

3. Set up printer header alignment calibration, click on the right-click option of printer icon to calibrate printer header. Finally, check the wiring of the ink supply pipe to avoid collision between the ink pipe and the printer's mechanical parts.
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