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  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer
  • JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer

JSW Industrial Large Format Flatbed UV Printer

  • Printing area up to 3.2x2.0m
  • Variable color configuration, up to 8color (Y M C K LC LM W V)
  • Grayscale print heads, variable drop size from 7 to 35PL;
  • Speed up to 32 m²/h;
  • Handles flexible and rigid substrate up to 10cm thickness;
  • White ink and Color+W+Color print capability & Varnish solution;
  • True flatbed with 6 vacuum Zones;
  • LED UV is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly UV curing system.
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  • Application
  • Specification
  • JSW UV Large Format Printers

Large Format Flatbed Printer Details & Features

1. Ricoh Gen5 Printhead
Type: Gen 5, 7PL, printing speed is up to 32m²/h, resolution is up to 2400DPI. The image is exquisite and the effect is amazing.

2. Imported Double Linear Guide
It adopts Japan THK2.0 double linear mute guide, high speed operation, high stability and low noise, ensuring high precision output of the printer under high speed printing.

3. Automatic Height Adjust System
The function makes the printer can print on substrate which is up to 10cm thickness.

4. Ink Detection System
An alarming system which detects the ink level in the bottle. It can remind users of low ink level by sparkling light and sounds. The system also ensures the printing operation in an unattended condition.

5. High Precision Frame Structure 
The steel configuration of the printer is reliable. The double guide rail metal frame structure is adopted in the cross girder of this printer. This structure ensures a faster and smoother operation of the printer.

6. Ink Heating System
Automatic heating system can make the ink to be with the best situation at a constant temperature, as to obtain the best print quality.

7. High Performance Accessories
The installation of IGUS drag chain line, DELTA servo motor and MEGADYNE hold-in range in this printer ensures a reliable operation in the long run.

8. Platform Sub-Regional Suction System
The print platform enables sub-regional adsorption. Six zones are independently controlled to effectively enhance the adsorption of print areas and keep the flatness of the printed material.

9. One-Button Pneumatic Positioning
Unique media positioning lever with one-button pneumatic control for easier loading of flat materials. More accurate positioning and make repeatable printing without deviation.

10. Print Directly on the Media
It can be printed directly on paper media or on flat media with thickness up to 100 mm. (Please measure height before printing). Much thicker printer can be produced by customized order.

Simple Operation Application of Large Format Multifunction Printer

White Ink Circulation System

To keep double functions which are the white ink main ink tank intermittent mixing and pipeline real-time circulation work, as to keep the white ink flow all time and prevent pigment precipitation, avoid ink system failure.

Automatic White Skip Function

The carriage will skip to next print area during empty image part as to save time and higher the efficiency.

Data Statistics

After each picture is printed completely, the computer automatically statistics the amount of ink consumption, the printing 
time, the area and so on.

Print Directly on the Media

It can be printed directly on paper media or on media with thickness and can print up to 100 mm thickness. (Please measure height before printing)

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Main Technical Specification of Large Format UV Flatbed Printer

Model F3220G
Printhead Ricoh Gen 5 (7PL) Grey Scale Micro Piezo Printhead
Printhead No. 2-8
Print Size 2500mm*1300mm
Print Thickness Max. 100mm
Ink Type Environmental UV Curing Ink
Ink Color C,M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, Varnish 
Ink Bottlet 2.5Liters/Color
Ink Supply System Automatic Negative Pressure Ink Supply System
Ink Monitoring System Automatic Ink Lack Alarm System
Rip Software Print Factory(from Netherlands);  Onyx is optional.
Media Type Acrylic, Aluminum Board, Ceramic Tile, Glass, Wood Board, PC, TPU,Leather, PVC Board, etc.
Media Suction Area 6 Vacuum Zones, Available for Different Types of Media
Print File Format TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS, PNG, AI, BMP, etc.
Printhead Cleaning Automatic Cleaning System, Main Cleaning and Separate Color Cleaning
2513Printer Dimension 4892mm*2887mm*1545mm  (Length*Width*Height)
2513 Printer Weight 1700KG
Power 220V  50HZ/60HZ
Power Rating 8KW
Lifting Function Carriage Lifing, Auto/Manual Electronic Intelligent Sensor Detection Adjustment
Computer Configuration Computer System: Win 7, 64 bit;    Port USB 2.0/3.0;    Hard Disc: More than 500G;
GPU Memory: 8G;                           CPU: Intel i5
Working Environment Independent, Clean, Low Dust, Less Sunshine, Well Ventilated Workshop,
Temperature: 15℃-28℃,Humidity: 40%-70%
Ventilation Device Ventilation Fan is Necessary.  Air Exhaust Volume: 600 CFM
Print Speed High Speed Mode 48m2/h
Production Mode 33m2/h
High Quality Mode 25m2/h

JSW UV Large Format Printers

  • JSW Industrial UV Flatbed Printer

    JSW Industrial UV Flatbed Printer

    November 19, 2018The printer has three layers printing as color+white+color, so that the advertising image presents different effects in the daytime and the night. A differentiated advertising screen is more attractive and makes the customer's advertising more valuable.view
  • JSW Industrial Level UV Flatbed Printer

    JSW Industrial Level UV Flatbed Printer

    September 17, 2018The large format color printer is equipped with Ricoh Gen5 Grey Scale industrial Printhead, Min. Ink volume is 7PL only. It can print 2PT size words as to reach the photo level print quality.view
  • JSW Industrial Level UV Roll to Roll Printer

    JSW Industrial Level UV Roll to Roll Printer

    September 17, 2018QR3200G is High printing speed &High resolution Industrial UV Printer, which will meet the speed and quality request from clients. It is equipped with 2-6units Grey Scale micro piezo printheads.view
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