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Printing Characteristics of UV Printer

Flatbed UV printing machine is the hottest digital printing equipment in recent years. The main reason is that UV flat-panel printer has the function of printing relief. The use of flatbed UV printing machine can meet the demand of quick delivery. In addition, one of the most important pillars of the flatbed UV printing machine to print perfect color patterns is a color management system in the flatbed UV printing machine.

At present, most of the UV printers on the market have multiple printing modes for customers to choose, which can cope with various printing situations. But the printing effect may be unsatisfactory, the color has no sense of hierarchy, no shine. Why?

What should be paid attention to in the printing operation of flatbed UV printing machine to avoid this kind of situation?

We need to know why the UV printer can choose a variety of printing modes, print multiple colors at one time, without the needs of the same color set like traditional printing. That is because the current market of UV flat-panel spraying machine uses multi-color control technology. So most of them can control 8 colors and have a wide color area. Multicolor control technology can mix one to nine color changes according to the depth of ink droplets by controlling the concentration of ink droplets. Therefore, it can completely deal with various color printing, and can whiten and print with varnish, making the brightness of the color a higher level, and it is full of expressiveness and hierarchy.
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