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Principle and Application of 5-color Printing Effect of UV Printer

The 5-color printing effect of the UV printer can meet the daily printing needs. The 5-color printing is (C-cyan, M-red, Y-yellow, K-black, W-white), and the other colors can be adjusted by color software. Considering the requirements of high quality printing or customization, LC (light blue), LM (light red), LK (light black), LLK (light black) and special colors (orange, purple, green) can be added to the color of UV printer.

Usually, when it comes to the standard matching of UV printers, they are all five colors, but the corresponding number of sprinklers is different. Some need a sprinkler, some need three sprinklers, and some need five sprinklers. The reason is that the types of sprinklers are different, for example:

1. Epson nozzle. There are eight rows of channels, and one row of channels can produce a color, then a sprinkler can produce five colors, or six colors plus two white or eight colors.

2. Ricoh. There are 5 sprinklers. One sprinkler has two colours, so five colours require three sprinklers.

3. Toshiba CE4M sprinkler. A sprinkler produces one color, and five colors require five sprinklers.

What we need to know is that the more colors a single nozzle produces, the slower the printing speed is, and it is a civil nozzle. A sprinkler produces a color, and most of them are industrial sprinklers, then the printing speed is fast.

The 5-color printing effect of UV printer can meet the following requirements:

1. Ordinary color printing, printing color patterns on transparent, black and dark materials;            

2. 3d effect, printing 3D effect pattern on material surface;

3.Relief effect. Material surface pattern is uneven, and the hand feels hierarchical.

If the 5-color printing effect of UV printer is unsatisfactory, how to upgrade it?

1. Hardware: add new sprinkler, ink cartridge, ink circuit, supercharger plate and other parts;

2. Software: Upgrade the original control software and color software.

In this way, the UV printer can achieve more color printing effects such as 7, 8 and 9 colors.
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