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How to Open Personality Printing Market for UV Printers

In recent years, with the gradual improvement and development of the market, UV printers continue to bring forth new ideas. Manufacturers are vigorously developing new equipment to meet the needs of various customers.

Customers are not satisfied with the unchanged, regular printing mode, followed by customization of personalized products. How does the UV printer meet the personalized needs of customers? What advantages does it have?

1. First of all, the color is rich and the image is clear and realistic.
It is very difficult to print more than 10 sets of colours in traditional screen printing. UV flat printing has rich colours. It is easy to print full-color patterns and gradient colours. It can achieve the effect of colour photographs. It has greatly expanded the design space of products and upgraded the product grade. UV printing pattern is fine, rich and clear, artistic, three-dimensional, and can print photographic and painting style patterns.

2. Second, to protect the environment and reduce pollution:
It does not use water or produce sewage. Flatbed printing machine is controlled by computer. It sprays ink on demand. It is neither wasteful nor polluted by waste water, nor produces noise in the process of printing. The pollution-free green production process has been realized.

3. The reaction speed is fast and the working cycle is shortened.
In the past, it took several days or even tens of days for a product to be designed, proofed and delivered. However, the finished product can be obtained in 1 to 2 hours with the application of UV printing technology, and the production batch is unrestricted, thus realizing the production process of small batch, multi-varieties and high efficiency. The process flow is short, and the finished product is printed after printing. It does not need post-processing such as steaming and washing. It is flexible and can be printed in a relatively short time after customers select the scheme.

4. The final color is unrestricted:
There is no need to make screen, which saves a lot of time; pattern design and change can be done on the computer screen, and color matching can be done by mouse; there is no cost of making screen; time and printing materials are reduced; labor expenditure is reduced.

Therefore, the flatbed UV printing machine with its advantages to meet the personalized needs, to maximize the personalized needs of people. For the majority of designers, they can give full play to the creative ability. Design prototype can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, and the computer effect is the effect of finished products. If the customer is satisfied, it can be made directly.
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