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How to Maintain the UV Printer in Summer

Summer is the hottest season of the year, so how to maintain the UV printer in summer? The details are as follows:

1. Inspect nozzles
Because the temperature is too high in summer and the ink is easy to dry, after turning on the equipment every day, it is recommended that you type the test strip first.

2. Clean equipment
It's also important to keep the UV printer clean. It is suggested that you clean the inside and outside of the equipment, especially the guide rail and the nose, in a weekly basis.

3. Maintenance of UV lamp system
Because of the high temperature in summer, the equipment needs heat dissipation and ventilation, as well as dust and other factors. Therefore, dust of Isolation sponge, mercury lamp, air-cooled LED lamp machine cooling fan should be removed regularly to ensure the smooth heat dissipation of the machine.

4. Control of Temperature
The suitable humidity of general UV printer is 25%~70%, and the suitable indoor temperature is 19 ~32 ~C. In order to avoid the equipment in high temperature and direct sunlight environment, please place the machine in the back light, shady corner.

5. Power-off Moisturizing
If the UV printer is not used for too long, you can choose to turn off the power to keep it moisturized. It is recommended that you do not leave the machine on standby because the temperature can easily rise.
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