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How to Adjust the Ink Thickness of UV Printer?

UV printer is becoming more and more popular in the printing market, but it is a new model after all. Many people are not familiar with the universal printer. Recently, many customers consulted about whether the universal printer can change the ink thickness, how to change it, and what the detailed method is. Let's know about it here today.

Generally speaking, domestic UV printers are usually four-color, and industrial equipment standards are six-color and eight-color. The adjustment of ink thickness mainly depends on three factors.

Three aspects:
The first is the variety and background color of raw materials. If the appearance of raw materials is soft, the gap is large and the background color of raw materials is deep, the amount of ink needed will be increased by 20% - 40%.

Next is the request to see the image. If the color of the image is deeper and the color request is more beautiful, then the appropriate thickness of the progressive ink is needed.

Ultimately, it depends on the special request. If we seek the effect of relief 3D, we need to add the thickness of ink.

To change the thickness of ink, the following methods can be used:

In the printing software, the percentage of inkjet volume can be set, the number of times of printing can be set, and then the thickness of ink can be changed. On the one hand, it can save
ink, on the other hand, it can improve the quality of printing.

UV printers improve the thickness of the ink, and an auxiliary function is the percentage of feathering. Usually it is between 0% and 200%. If the system prints more delicate patterns and richer colors, it needs to register feathering function. The bigger the value, the better the effect of printing. Similarly, the speed of production will also be reduced, depending on the actual needs of users.

It should be noted that the thickness of ink set by UV printer is not the thicker the better. Similarly, if set unreasonably, it will affect the quality of the printed color.
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