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Does the UV Printer Need to Use the Specified Ink?

The majority of UV printer users know that after our machines are bought back, manufacturers will repeatedly emphasize the use of factory-specified inks. Many people are very disgusted, then do we want to use factory ink? What factors determine the ink of the UV printing machine?

1. Type of nozzle:

The material types, internal channels, electronic transistors, orifice diameters, ignition frequencies, etc. of different UV printer nozzles are all different. This also requires that theUV printer ink produced should conform to the characteristics of the nozzle itself, otherwise it will not only directly affect the printing effect, but also may block the nozzle.

2. Led curing light type:

The wavelength of the led curing lamp used to illuminate theUV printer ink and the intensity of the emitted ultraviolet light is also different. This requires matching the composition of the photosensitive curing agent in theUV printer ink. If the strength is too large, theUV printer ink is not completely sprayed on the surface of the material and it has solidified. If the strength is too low, the pattern cannot be dried quickly, the color is lost with a button, and the scrap rate is increased.

3. Manufacturer service:

Using theUV printer ink provided by the manufacturer, if there is a problem with the ink system and accessories, the UV printer manufacturer will provide corresponding after-sales service. If not used, the manufacturer is not responsible for the maintenance of various problems. Do not change theUV printer ink at will. In the event of a nozzle clogging, etc., the loss is much more than a few tens of dollars cheaper than ink.

4. Supporting process:

The UV printer ink supplied by the manufacturer has been tested on coatings, white inks, varnishes and other materials required for pre-press and post-press processes before leaving the factory, thus ensuring compatibility, water resistance, scratch resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics. If it is replaced, it will not achieve the desired results. It may also cause short-term preservation of the pattern, easy color loss, falling off and other adverse consequences.

As the market share continues to increase, the overall price of UV printer inks is declining every year. UV printer manufacturers will also carry out preferential promotions on this piece from time to time. There is really no need to save ink from other channels in order to save a little money. This not only loses the after-sales service that the manufacturer should have but also brings the hazard to the machine's ink system. Therefore, it is recommended to use the UV printer to specify the ink, which is not only good for the equipment but also solves the worry of after-sales.

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