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Chemical Reactions Produced by the Combination of UV Printer and Coil

UV printer is a widely used printing equipment, not only in the advertising industry, but also in the home decoration and building materials industry. It is a powerful device in both convenience and functional application. Then someone will ask, UV printer is called universal printer, so what kind of chemical reaction can it produce with the combination of coil?

1. Lamp box cloth
UV printer prints clear and full-coloured pictures, and illuminates the light, which can achieve the best picture effect. It is suitable for shopping malls, exhibitions, corridors and other places to display some advertising information or decoration.

2. Soft film: It is widely used with interior decorative materials to create a fantastic interior environment through some lighting effects.

3. Wall cloth: According to their own needs to print out the corresponding pattern. It is mainly used in indoor decoration and other industries.

4. Knife Scraper: It can be divided into two types: high-light and matte. High-light is mainly used indoors while dumb surface is used indoors and outdoors. It is used with lamp boxes and wide

5. Oil canvas: It's also called coated cloth. It's used for painting, indoor and outdoor advertisements, light boxes, etc.

6. Transparent film: It is used for advertising applications, automobile body, glass paste decoration and other purposes.
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