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Causes for Ink Misting in UV Printer and Solutions

Flatbed UV printing machines are prone to cause ink misting because of improper operation. ink Misting will damage the beauty of our products and reduce the quality of products. So why does the phenomenon of ink misting appear in the daily operation process and how should we operate correctly to prevent the phenomenon of ink misting?

Causes and Solutions of ink misting
1. Causes: the printing nozzle is too high away from the material medium, the ink dropping point is greatly affected by external forces, and the falling point is not accurate, resulting in ink misting.
Solution: The height of nozzle and material should be controlled between 1mm and 2mm.

2. Causes: electrostatic causes. If the UV printer is in the condition of low humidity and dry environment, it is easy to generate static electricity between the nozzle and the material, thus the phenomenon of ink misting will appear in the printing process.
Solution: add ground wire or static rod (shielding static electricity), and humidifier.

3. Problem: If the machine is used for a long time, the blockage of the filter will lead to the disconnection of the machine nozzle, which will inevitably cause the ink misting.

Solution: Print test strip. Check sprinkler condition, such as blockage, deficiency, etc. The channel of the nozzle needs to be cleaned to keep it unobstructed.

4. Causes: Different inks have different properties, and their consistency may also cause ink misting. If some inks have poor fluency and the voltage of the nozzle is very low, this situation may also lead to flying ink.

Solution: The problem can be solved by increasing the nozzle correction voltage.

5. Causes: environmental temperature. Temperature will affect the viscosity of ink, which indirectly causes the problem of ink misting. When the temperature is too high, the ink viscosity decreases; when the temperature is too low, the ink viscosity increases.

Solution: Appropriate improvement of environmental temperature, such as the installation of air conditioning in workshops.

6. Causes: The unreasonable frequency of sprinkler ignition controlled by electronic control system.

Solution: The problem of electronic control system, which requires special technical personnel to repair to solve.

7. Causes: RIP software problems, such as rip curve problems. However, the probability of ink misting caused by curve is very low. If the ink misting is caused by the curve problem, it needs professional technicians to solve it, which is more troublesome.
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